• “Donna’s arrangements help make any occasion a special occasion. She is a talented pianist and delightful person with an intuitive sense of how to use music to polish an event. Her playing has dazzled our Christmas Eve, highlighted Hanukkah, beautified birthdays and sanctified a bar mitzvah. She is a joy!”
    Karen Engro
  • I’ve known Donna Greco for ten years. She is an excellent instructor, mentor, and friend. I started my piano lessons with Ms. Greco at age 12 when I needed more challenge in my instruction. I definitely received the challenge I was seeking. Ms. Greco’s lessons instill discipline that translates into many other parts of one’s life. She stresses how every note, dynamic change, and tempo matters. Ms. Greco always wants you to feel the music which is a significant part of playing. I looked forward to my weekly lessons with her because I could feel my skills and technique growing with each one. Ms. Greco pushed me to go beyond what I thought I was capable of and she constantly encouraged me to challenge myself. Jazz music is one of my favorite genres which I begun studying under Ms. Greco. She is an exceptional musician, whose repertoire ranges across so many genres. My piano instructions with Ms. Greco combined with my passion for music inspired me to minor in music in college. In addition to her excellent instruction, Ms. Greco is a tremendous mentor. She provides assistance above and beyond what is required. I’m very proud to call her a loyal and caring friend. I highly recommend her to anyone considering piano instruction whether beginner or advanced. Ms. Greco is simply the best around! You’ll have so much to gain!
    Patrice Alexander

  • I’m a thirteen year student of Donna Greco and she is the only piano teacher I have ever needed. Her knowledge and insight into music theory is invaluable. She has an intuitive sense of the piano and how to bring out the subtle nuances of each note. I have reached a level of piano mastery all because of her guidance. If you are a beginner or an advanced student you needn’t look any further.
    Timothy Lee Kogut

  • I began studying with Donna Greco in 2007, and she has become a dear mentor and friend of mine. Ever since I began my studies with her, my knowledge and skills at the piano have shot up exponentially. In the three years I’ve had the privilege of working with her; I have grown so much as a musician. My technique, has improved to an acceptable level. Donna has taught me the importance of technique and discipline, a concept I have always, and still, struggle with. She, herself, has absolutely stunning technique, which has been a huge inspiration to me. Likewise, I have come to a great understanding of more musical concepts, such as dynamics, touch, and feel. My classical repertoire and appreciation has grown during my time with Donna (who has an extensive and diverse repertoire herself). Donna has fantastic jazz skills. As a student of jazz myself, I watch in awe and eagerness to learn whenever I have the chance to hear her play jazz. While our studies have mainly focused on classical playing and technique, I have also become better with improvisation, voicing, rhythm, and composing. For any piano student who wants to become a better pianist, performer, and musician, Donna will certainly be an excellent companion for you along your journey of musical studies.
    Alec Chapman

  • As a retired educator, I am happy to recommend Donna Greco, for she is an amazing piano teacher. I studied with her as an adult student for sixteen years. Her patience and persistence steadied me as I learned to integrate practice and the joy of music into my busy life. Because of her, I am able to play the piano with competency and poise. I strongly urge anyone who wants to understand and enjoy the pleasures of making music to consider Donna as their teacher.
    Edna Bishop

  • I have known Donna Greco since 1998 as a neighbor, piano teacher, musician and friend. Donna has taught piano to both of my daughters. I have also taken a few lessons from her. I feel that Donna teaches musicianship along with piano technique. Donna’s musical ear is especially keen: she hears subtle distinctions in tone, timing and technique and is able to guide students with what she hears. Donna is also extremely perceptive as to the needs of individual students and she cares deeply about her students as people. Donna’s musical performances sparkle. A few years ago, I invited Donna to perform at my house for an event honoring pianist and composer Erik Satie. Her performance brought a depth and aliveness that people still talk about.
    Gary Crouth

  • My sons, who are now 21 and 18, fill our house daily with the most beautiful piano music, and we have Donna to thank for that. She helped them master music theory so that they can improvise and play by ear; she nurtured their creativity so that they are excited about composing their own music; and she taught them the value of hard work and practice so that they are undaunted by difficult pieces, eager to dig in and learn them. I am grateful for her tutelage every day.
    Nancy Johnson

  • I have studied under Donna Greco for almost three years. During that time my skills as a pianist and musician have increased tremendously. Her innate musicality combined with years of experience provides her students with a sound musical education. Coming from a long line of famous pianists and composers, including Beethoven, Hayden, and Czerny, Donna teaches the importance of hard work and spiritual stability. Her home studio is welcoming and professional and allows students to express themselves to their fullest ability. Studying the piano with Donna has been a truly great experience.
    Dario Miceli

  • I studied with Donna for four years during my time at the Creative and Performing Arts High School. I also took lessons as a private student. Right away I knew Donna would be a great teacher. Her focus on the importance of scales and technical exercises strengthened my playing far beyond what it had ever been before. As for pieces of music, Donna showed a deep and innate understanding of the piano repertoire that few pianists truly have. Additionally, her diverse background in both jazz and classical piano brought a unique and refreshing element to her instruction that I had never seen before in a teacher. Her focus on every little detail in the music was inspiring and made me to want to practice. Donna also showed me just how much there is in a piece of music beyond the notes on the page, whether it is a Beethoven Sonata or Debussy’s “Children’s Corner,” and for that, I will be forever grateful to her.
    Nick Ferla